How can Oikosofy help you?

Many prospect customers ask for a simple and typical example how Oikosofy can help them. In this blog post, we describe a typical case how Oikosofy can help your company to save money while, at the same time decrease time to market.

Some time ago, some of our consultants had the opportunity to work with a company which was only able to complete two product releases per year, and in the past year, they had not been able to release at all putting the company future in jeopardy.

The company had tried, but failed to increase the release frequency. Every time release of the product required more than two months of regression testing. The impact on time-to-market was large, but the investment that regression testing represented was even more significant.

Let’s do the math: it took this company two months to run a full regression test set, having the average cost of this manual work around 400 thousand Euros.
Releasing the product two times per year amounted to 800 thousand EUR of investment for the company without any benefit to the customer – after all the product should have been high quality to start with!

With their existing approach to software development, releasing more often would increase the costs, as well as reduce the functionality they could deliver. So what could be done to help this customer?

With their existing approach to software development, releasing more often would increase the costs, as well as reduce the functionality they could deliver.

Oikosofy worked with the company to develop a strategy that would reduce the need for extensive manual regression testing, while keeping the same quality level over previous releases.

This was achieved by re-designing significant portions of the work process, so that all code produced was tested against a battery of automated tests. These automated tests freed time from the testers to focus on higher-risk and higher-value functionality. The testers were finally free to use their ingenuity and innovate on how to design and execute manual tests, instead of the mind-numbing job of repeating endlessly tests that delivered very little new information.

Thanks to this test automation framework, and in a short time, the developers could receive feedback about the quality of their code very quickly (sometimes within minutes) or making changes in the code base.

The whole process took around 6 months from initial discussions to visible impact in the release readiness of every-day builds.

The bottom line: the customer was able to save significant time from their regression testing. A major impact on the 800 thousand euros investment per year they used to have to release 2 versions of the product. Today, this customer has increased their release cycle to four releases per year without adding cost, and obtained a significant competitive advantage over their direct competitors. After all, it now takes less than 3 months to respond to a new feature that might be introduced by competitors.

This is only one example of what Oikosofy can do for you and for your company. If you want to know more about what we can do just subscribe our mailing list below or contact us in

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