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Agile Manager – What is an Agile Manager?

I have worked with Agile Software Development for several years, and during all these years I´ve seen the same problem over and over again: very few companies understand what is an Agile Manager and his role inside of the organisation. Most businesses out there still believe that Agile Managers are line managers and their primary function […]

Team Assessment Survey

by Luis Goncalves Team Assessment Survey is a great tool for a retrospective. This tool comes from a SAFe framework established by Dean Leffingwell. You can find the original assessment here. The exercise demonstrated in this blog post is an adaptation from Luis Goncalves. He also shares this exercise in his book co-written with Ben Linders […]

Car Brand – agile retrospective

by Luis Goncalves “Car Brand” exercise is a great way to start an effective retrospective. This exercise is taken out of the book “Getting Value out of Agile Retrospectives” by Luis Goncalves and Ben Linders. Feel free to download the book for free in LeanPub.com or InfoQ.com. One of the most important parts of a […]

High Performance Tree

by Luis Goncalves Luis Goncalves shares this exercise in his book Getting Value out of Agile Retrospectives  a book written by him and Ben Linders with the foreword from Esther Derby. The book can be downloaded by free in LeanPub.com or InfoQ.com, please download it and spread it within your network. Originally, “High Performance Tree” was created by […]