OIKOSOFY is currently looking for people who want to “HAVE AN IMPACT IN THE WORLD!!!” This position will be based in Munich, Germany.

We really believe that we can change the world, one company at a time. If you also want to make a change in the World please keep reading.

Our Mission is to help companies with software-powered business reach their full potential and create work environments that deliver top results.

Our Vision: We want to build a sustainable business by creating a platform with the World´s most varied formats of knowledge for Agile product development.

If you want to work in a small company but being proud of what we do in our daily job this might be the place for you. You will work in a business with great spirit.

You will have the opportunity to participate in crazy experiments that we do on a weekly basis.

We are proud of applying everything we preach to our clients inside of our own company. Therefore, this job is not recommended for anyone who expects a traditional company. Just an examples we do not have individual performance reviews and our salaries are transparent to everyone.

We try new ideas inside of our own company and we highly value everyone´s input. We believe that everyone is an important part of our company and therefore we expect our people to provide ideas and suggestion on how to become better.

Based on that our people usually work 4 days a week on the client´s side and the 5th day is devoted to discussing ideas together or to produce useful content.

At this moment, most of our work belongs to consulting, but our vision is to build a knowledge platform; therefore we would love to have people  who are engaged in helping us to reach this vision. You would not do only consultancy work, you will be expected to help us with the content creation and ideas generation.

Your tasks:

  • Assist our clients with the adoption of Agile Methodologies
  • Facilitate workshops and meetings
  • Encourage and support agile process
  • Promote agile values and principles across the organisation
  • Develop appropriate improvement to build self-organising teams
  • Help management at all levels of the organisation to understand the benefits of working agile
  • Help OIKOSOFY to fulfil the vision, this means contributing actively to the content creation (blog writing, online training, reading books, etc)
  • And everything else necessary to cause an impact in our world


Your Qualification:

  • You do not need to have any University Degree, we value what people know , not what papers show
  • CSM or CSP or any other certification is a plus , not a necessity
  • 3 + years of experience as a Scrum Master
  • 1-2 years as an Agile Coach experienced working with agile software development teams
  • Experience in applying Agile methodologies outside of Sw development is considered a plus
  • You have experience of using a combination of lean and agile practices to help teams succeed and organizations evolve
  • Possibly good technical experience and understanding
  • System Thinking Knowledge
  • Theory of Constraints Knowledge
  • Workshop facilitation skills
  • High communication skills
  • Eager to continuously learn and experiment
  • Comfortable to drive organizational change
  • Able to travel within Europe
  • We would be happy only with English but since most of our clients are German companies we must require fluency in German

Is this something interesting for you? Send us your CV to info@oikosofy.com