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by Jason Cusack: an Enterprise Agile Coach, and has held roles as a Scrum Master, Product Owner, and Corporate Bureaucracy Destroyer.  It´s a pleasure to have Jason Cusack contributing to our blog. Jason is a passionate Enterprise Agile Coach. He has led agile transformation in various business sectors and he thinks that interacting with smart […]

Kudo Cards

Kudo Card is something so simple yet not often used in companies. Maybe its importance is not enough highlighted. We use Kudo Cards at our clients´ projects as well as among ourselves at Oikosofy. WHAT IS A KUDO CARD? A Kudo Card is a written public recognition of a colleague for something he has contributed […]

DAKI – Agile Retrospectives Exercise

We are pleased to have Mario Lucero as our guest blogger. Mario is an Agile Coach and Scrum Trainer based in Santiago (Chile), who helps organizations deliver high quality software with predictability and happiness. Learn more about Mario here. Mario shares with us an exercise called DAKI. He says this exercise brings him very good results […]