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“The World Café”

by Timothée Bourguignon Although the World Café is well known in the moderation space, I have rarely seen this format used as a Scrum Retrospective. The World Café requires larger groups than a typical Scrum Team, this might explain why. That said, do you work on a multi Scrum-Team Project? Do you also hold larger […]

Emotional Roller Coaster Retro technique

by Jason Cusack Our Practice team looks for creative ways to breathe life back into stale retrospectives.  We love to embody techniques that require engagement from the WHOLE team, and prevent a few strong personalities from taking over the session.  Teams get bored when they have run the sailboat six sprints in a row.  They […]

2 Truths and a Lie retrospective

by James Gifford Two Truths and a Lie is a classically fun activity that I have used many times to ‘break the ice’ at social gatherings or group meetings.  In this case, I had a team that was very familiar with each other, but was getting bored with standard retrospective techniques, making the team collaboration […]

“The What/So What/Now What”

by Jeremy Jarell Meet the “The What/So What/Now What” Retrospective Format The “What/So What/Now What” retrospective format is a variation on the classic “What’s Working/What’s Not Working/What to Try Next” theme that many Scrum teams are already familiar with. But rather than forcing the team to place each item into one of three buckets, this […]