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The Twitterspective – agile retrospective

by Anthony Petrucci What is the Twitterspective? Why hold an Agile Retrospective when you can have a Twitterspective? The Twitterspective is a paper-based social media-like simulation that can be used to gather data and generate insight from the team in your Retrospective. It borrows elements from a few different social media channels and blends them […]

Happiness Index – agile retrospective tool

by Luis Goncalves No matter how good teams are, there is always an opportunity to improve. Happiness Index is an agile retrospectives tool, which measures happiness of agile teams. Luis shares it in his and Ben Linder´s  book Getting Value out of Agile Retrospectives. This exercise is a combination of “Develop a time line” and […]

Imagine a Failure: a pre-mortem retrospective

by Nikos Batsios Conducting a Post-Mortem at the end of your project is a great lesson learned practice that could promote the recurrence of desirable outcomes while preventing from the undesirable outcomes! It’s true that we – our teams, processes and organisations benefit from post-mortems, except our project! As the psychologist Gary Klein said: “A postmortem […]

What is a Starfish in a retrospective

by Luis Goncalves The Star Fish exercise is an evolution of the typical 3 questions that are used for retrospectives: What went well? What did not go so well? What should be improved? What you can expect to get out of this exercise With this exercise, teams can get a good overall picture of what’s […]